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News.Final Fantasy Raiders1
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beginning of the story , the protagonist of a pedestrian being chased Imperial Army , was rescued in Aru Tia Rebel

After leveling three, then to the hall thanks to the princess , the princess told the protagonist of a pedestrian Wild Rose

To enter the Philippines because of the protagonist 's Pub, the exchange of information with the boss , and that boss is also a member of the Resistance , the code word is the wild rose to Phin go first to the village square , and then go right along the wall outward wall laid down , you can find the Pub to talk with the boss , the boss will say pub in another chamber, finished on the flash , then go behind the counter right away, will enter a secret room , lying on a person, and he ring pay with the protagonist , they breathe .

PS: get the ring, outside the city by (select B) can see the world map.

Princess Tia looking back Aru questioning the ring to him, he said to go to the Princess cave waterfall

Take a piece of metal , it would be left of the people with the princess said, he immediately joined the protagonist and come up with the boat , who is a big magic priests - Min Wu ) .

Min Wu joined the white mage , a pedestrian will go to the waterfall cave mine , into a cave to the left you can see a blue stone , there will be another first , this is a sign of Tibetan snow board , on the way thieves have daughter of Joseph and resorting to violence to obtain Misililu , back to the first post Aru Tia and weapons shop owner , to find the princess conversation , that the Imperial Army is Buff Trask ( perfect to build large warships

Command to obstruct a pedestrian protagonist .

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