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News.Final Fantasy Record Keeper is about the Combat
Friday, March 13, 2015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is an iOS/Android game that takes characters and creatures from almost every main numbered Final Fantasy game and lets your you could make your own party to deal with those creatures. To put it briefly, it's really a game for Final Fantasy fans who really love the earlier-school combat on the earlier games. Buy Final Fantasy Gold

Combat in Final Fantasy games wasn't always flashy teleporting gimmicks and next-gen prettiness. The times when it turned out strategic turn-based commands with 2-d sprites – and Final Fantasy Record Keeper has those aplenty.
In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, you have fun playing the portion of a little daughter apprentice in the mystical archive made up of the many history of the ultimate Fantasy games. A dark force clouds the magical tapestries and you really are tasked with entering the tapestries to reenact historical events from the various Final Fantasy games. You set about off with the start events of Final Fantasy VII, but by clearing the tapestries, you are granted having access to other tapestries as well as other Final Fantasy games/worlds as well as unlocking characters from each game.

Each tapestry is split into segments of combat where you ought to fight some volume of times before selling it to your next segment. Each tapestry will have at least one boss you need to defeat.

You will find there's stamina bar that gradually refills instantly. Progressing through a tapestry costs stamina, so there is simply a limited volume of play you can get outside of an individual sitting if you do not use special stamina-replenishing items, obtainable both through in-game means along with money.
Each Final Fantasy game has always stood a different combat system, but Final Fantasy Record Keeper unifies them with a standard Active Time Battle (ATB) combat system with 2D sprites. Each character includes a meter that gradually fills and once filled, the smoothness can execute a command. What's different about Record Keeper and, say, Final Fantasy VII is always that gleam time delay between each time a command is entered when it can be executed.

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