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News.Setting up a More aged Final Fantasy
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Type-0 adopts another, grittier tone than other Final Fantasy games as of late, telling the tale of the class of  students forced to experience the horrors of war. The opening scene in Type-0 incorporates a great deal of blood and death,  setting a darker tone than what is frequently expected from games within the Final Fantasy series.Buy Final Fantasy Gold

"It's definitely a more mature experience compared to Final Fantasy games that you see now," Tabata explained, and added  which he was "curious how it will likely be received with the fans." For him, the theme spawned through the undeniable fact that you  would fight beside characters who have been born into "a cruel world" that had been torn by conflict.

"That had been type of the departure point to the project, and yes it demanded a mature treatment. We didn't would like it to  feel like there is a wall on the watch's screen and the player only agreed to be governing the characters on this planet, but  how the player was in the globe. To achieve that immersion, it must accept a far more mature tone," Tabata said.


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